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Khaled Sifri Chief Executive OfficerEmirates Investment Bank

For the sixth consecutive year, Emirates Investment bank has commissioned an independent survey of high net worth individuals (HNWI) from across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to provide first-hand insight into their economic and investment views and their sentiment towards wealth and asset allocation.

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Strong outlook for the GCC

Views of an improved economic and business environment in the GCC has more than doubled from 31% to 71%

HNWIs positive about 2019

HNWIs are currently more positive than they have been in the last 3 years regarding both global and GCC economic prospects

Confidence has increased

Within the region, we see a rise in confidence, due to higher oil prices, more economic diversification and positive economic reforms

Investing in own business

HNWIs in the region are still opting to keep their assets closer to home with many injecting more cash into their own businesses

Prefer investing at home

Three-fourths are investing into opportunities in their home countries, as they are perceived to be more lucrative that diversifying abroad

Asia is favoured investment destination

Global investors see Asia as the favourite investment destination both currently and over the next 3-5 years.

Increased exposure to technology

Technology is an emerging sector of interest with a quarter of investors currently allocating wealth to technology, with the same number saying they will increase exposure in 2019.

Global Economic

Positive outlook towards global economy

Global Economic Outlook - Next 5 Years

Positive outlook for longer term prospects

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Condition of the GCC Economy

Dramatic increase in perceived improvement

Gulf Region Economic Outlook -
Next Five Years

Strong optimisim for the Gulf economy in the long term

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of Wealth

HNWIs continue to prefer keeping
their wealth closer to home

Average distribution of current wealth (%)

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Investing in Technology Trends

Nadi Bargouti Head of Asset Management
at Emirates Investment Bank

Technology is emerging as a sector of interest for regional investors. HNWIs view the impact of artificial intelligence, social media, the internet of things and robotics as more significant in their way of life over the next 5 years than 3D printing or blockchain.

From nanotechnology and biotechnology to energy storage and quantum computing the level of technological innovation now sweeping the globe is unprecedented and nowhere is the outlook brighter than in the Middle East and North Africa where technology is shaping not just tomorrow but the present day too.

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Nadi Bargouti Head of Asset Management
at Emirates Investment Bank
  • Investing in technology is available via a number of asset classes, ranging from tech exchangetraded fund (ETFs) to listed equity and private equiry funds.
  • Within the listed equity sphere, there are mature technology companies and others that fall under the small to mid-cap sized tech firms category, each catering to different risk profiles.
  • Investors are advised to diversify their exposure and use a gradual approach in building a position, perhaps by investing in a technology fund that offers exposure to a wide range of technologies across various sectors, preferably in developed markets.