Foreign Exchange Rates (FX)

Currency Exchange Rates BUY (AED) SELL (AED)
* Rates are applicable for Bank transfers only
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  • The Rates above are available to existing clients only and are applicable for bank transfers only. Please contact your Relationship Manager for more information
  • The FX transfers out from Emirates Investment Bank to external banks may be subject to additional charges including but not limited to Correspondent bank charges
  • For the full schedule of charges as may be applicable for FX transactions, please refer to the Schedule of Charges
  • There may be additional costs charged by the receiving bank/entities (e.g. in case of errors / omissions in the remittance information provided by you causing a rejection of or delays in the transfer)
  • Once executed, a FX. transfer request cannot be cancelled. For any such cancellation request approved by the Bank exceptionally, the exchange rate used for the refund of money paid by you may differ from the original rate used for the transfer, and additional costs could be incurred by you for the cancellation