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Advertisement for the cash profits retained by companies before 1st March 2015 and unclaimed by the shareholders of listed local public joint stock companies.

With reference to the directives issued by the Securities and Commodities Authority concerning cash profits retained by companied before 1st March 2015 and unclaimed by the shareholders of local public listed joint stock companies. Emirates Investment Bank pjsc (the "Company") kindly asks the shareholders who are entitled to cash dividends that have been unclaimed during the period before 1st March 2015, to visit the following e-link to ensure that the name of the shareholder is listed as entitled to a distribution of cash dividends ( In case he is entitled to a cash dividends distribution, the shareholder shall submit the following documents to Emirates Investment Bank so that such profits can be paid:
1. A letter signed by the shareholder or his legal representative, addressed to the Company, requesting a cheque or a bank transfer for the amount of the owed cash dividends.
2. The shareholder's original Emirates ID and copy thereof, or the shareholder's original passport and a copy thereof.
3. In case there is a general or special power of attorney from the shareholder, kindly provide the original power of attorney duly notarized, with a copy thereof, along with the attorney's Emirates ID and a copy thereof or original passport and a copy thereof.
4. Any other documents required by the Company.

Kindly be informed that and as of 14 February 2021, all dividends which have not been claimed by the eligible shareholders shall be transferred to the Securities and Commodities Authority which shall be responsible for paying such dividends to the eligible shareholders upon request. The Securities and Commodities Authority will publish in due course a detailed statement on its website and on the websites of the stock markets clarifying its responsibility in this regard.
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