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Emirates Investment Bank participates in FundForum

Yaser Abushaban: “Stronger regulatory environments will help stimulate international interest in the Middle East’s capital markets”

Yaser Abushaban, Executive Director of Asset Management at Emirates Investment Bank, a client-focused, independent private and investment banking boutique headquartered in Dubai, was selected as a senior asset manager to discuss “Fuelling International Appetite: How can Middle Eastern Markets be made a more attractive proposition for international investors?” at FundForum Middle East today.

Yaser, an expert at identifying investment opportunities with over 15 years’ investment management experience in the Middle East and the US, believes that Middle East investments should be part of a globally diversified investment portfolio.  However, Yaser acknowledges that improving the depth and breadth of the MENA markets and increasing transparency will help stimulate demand for larger companies to go public which, in turn, will improve liquidity on the markets and therefore produce more international interest.

Yaser explained: “The Middle East has fast growing economies, young populations and is a region rich in resources.  The UAE has the highest per capita income in the GCC.  These factors help spur wealth as well as create businesses and employment.  I firmly believe there is an opportunity to invest in this growth for both local and international investors.

“We have seen significant improvement in the regulatory environment. To further encourage interest from international investors, this trend needs to continue.  The need for improved regulations is a common theme in emerging markets and not easy to solve, however by adding more resources and focus to our regional regulators, we can more strictly enforce existing rules and regulations.  Internationally, there is a lot of emphasis on strong corporate governance and this concept of transparency and independence is one that needs to be better adopted here to further provoke interest in these markets from around the world.”

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