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Emirates Investment Bank builds a collection of art supporting Emirati and Arab artists

Emirates Investment Bank, an independent private and investment banking boutique, has unveiled a private art collection which reflects the very best of Arab art and which spans four decades since 1971, the year the UAE was founded. The collection, which was unveiled in a reception attended by distinguished business leaders, art collectors and clients, consists of 39 pieces of different styles and forms by some of the most noteworthy artists in the Arab world.

The Emirates Investment Bank private collection includes contemporary Arabic calligraphy and sculptures from celebrated artists as well as avant-garde works by younger aspiring artists. The artists come from the UAE, Saudi, Egypt, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Bahrain, Libya and Syria.

Four Emirati artists are featured in the Emirates Investment Bank private collection.  Hassan Sharif, Mohamed Kazem and Ebtisam Abdul Aziz, represent three generations of Emirati art. Abdul Qader Al Rais, who is one of the most established artists in the UAE, has commissioned a piece created solely for Emirates Investment Bank, entitled ‘Al Musandam’.  Khaled Sifri, CEO of Emirates Investment Bank, commented: “As an Emirati bank, we are particularly proud of the local art representation in our collection which clearly demonstrates the seriousness and significance of art in the UAE.”

Emirates Investment Bank aims through this collection to help sustain and preserve regional art for generations to come. Sifri said: “This private collection reflects the ethos of the Bank – personalised, personal and holistic. By investing in these important works, we are demonstrating our commitment to preserving Arab art and culture for future generations, in the same way that Emirates Investment Bank helps create and preserve wealth for generations to come.”

Sifri added:  “As an independent private and investment banking boutique, it is important that in addition to our support and appreciation of Arab art, we ensured that this collection also made investment sense.  We believe in art as an asset class which, in addition to providing its owner with sensory pleasures, can enhance the diversification and reduce the volatility of any carefully considered investment portfolio. We are extremely excited about the prospects of growing the collection over the years.”

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