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Khaled Sifri, CEO of Emirates Investment Bank, asserts that the entrepreneurial private client needs a bank that offers both private and investment banking

Khaled Sifri, Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Investment Bank, a client-focused, independent private and investment banking boutique, reasons that the new private wealth client is an entrepreneur well versed in company growth, attuned to investment banking deals and requiring a wider combination of solutions to suit their financial planning needs. Khaled is part of a panel on “The New Private Wealth Client” at today’s Bloomberg event in Doha.

Khaled, a seasoned banker and former lawyer, is an expert in advising entrepreneurs, professionals and executives on both private banking and investment banking. He considers that sophisticated high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and family offices need a combination of private and investment banking services to fully benefit from access to tailored financial services as well as direct access to capital market and M&A activity.

Khaled explained: “We at Emirates Investment Bank are seeing more M&A deals on the horizon and there is an appetite from HNWIs and family office clients to participate as they tend to be increasingly entrepreneurial in their outlook. When deals happen, they want to have the option of getting involved. This access can only happen from banks that offer both private and investment banking services.

“By listening to our clients we understand that access to these deals is of paramount importance. For the new private wealth client, portfolio management alone is not enough. The financial and entrepreneurial ambitions of today’s generation of high net worths and family offices require sustainable ideas to promote future wealth.”

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