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Emirates Investment Bank participates in DASH Middle East

Yaser Abushaban, Director of Asset Management at Emirates Investment Bank, a client-focused, independent private and investment banking boutique headquartered in Dubai, was selected as a senior asset manager to discuss the “New Science of Asset Allocation” at DASH Middle East today.

Yaser, an expert at identifying investment opportunities with over 14 years’ investment management experience in the Middle East and the US, debated the existence of a “new model” in asset allocation, suggesting that there is an evolving model.

Yaser explained: “No one can predict the future but you can help manage future risk. Asset allocation is actually about what you don’t know – we help protect you against what you’re not sure will happen.

“First, we measure and assess your own risk profile – there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. This is a dynamic and interactive process driven by our clients’ financial requirements and guided by diversification principles. We help you know what to diversify into - and when.

“This new science is about listening and understanding our clients’ needs to ensure we create tailor-made solutions which best suit their individual aspirations.”

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